[Just4Fun] New DP Twitter Kahi AFTER SCHOOL “With Hanbok”

Kahi Twitter

이제 새해를위해 준비해야징 플사진도 바꾸고~~~~ 그래 그래. 자고 일어나면 지나가는고야~~ 눈뜨면 새해인거야~~!! 몇일안남은 2011년. 빠짝 달려봅시다 여러부운~~!!^^

now i should get ready for a new year and just change my DP photo~~~~ yes yes. when i wake up it will all past away~~ when i open my eyes it will be a new year~~!! 2011 that is not far away to go. lets run for it everyone~~!!^^

(Trans : (@pledisAStrans))

Kahi 🙂