[Just4Fun] Official JPlaygirlz : Blog Message + Photo : Nana & E-young

Date : 26 December 2011

Blog Title: With this bag, what kind of clothes look good??

Hello PlayGirlz Japan.
It is the maknae E-young~.

Today, I received a present from Samantha Thavasa, with the bag I received
I am choosing tomorrow’s clothes.
With this bag, what kind of clothes look good??

Recently, I have become interested in fashion, so times like these are extremely fun!
By watching the unnies, I want to become a fashionable girl.
It’s somehow cheery ^^

by E-young.

date : 12th January 2012

Blog Title: In the breaks between shooting I am studying Japanese!!

Hello PlayGirlz Japan!

In the breaks between shooting I am studying Japanese!!

Recently I have memorized the word “湧く” (waku = to feel emotions form), but I forgot how you use it ^^
Does “I miss everyone, and my heart is hotly surging!” sound strange???
I learned it for that sentence… but can my feelings be understood?

Well then! With that, I surely won’t forget this word!!!

by E-young.

Date: 31st January 2012

Blog Title: This is E-young. The passport is cute!!!

Hello to everyone in PlayGirlz Japan! ^^

Everyone also has the same thing, right?

We are practicing hard for everyone who will be enjoying the national tour.
Please make sure to bring the passport, okay!
Since this will be a tour that AFTERSCHOOL and PlayGirlz Japan will attend together!

Please look forward to it ♪

by E-young.

Date: 27th December 2011

Blog Title: I am looking forward to the day when I can meet everyone~

Hello, PlayGirlz Japan.

Today I am thinking about what I should write in my blog…

What does everyone want to know about AFTERSCHOOL~?
I am always thinking this when I am writing my blog’s entries.
I am looking forward to the day when I can meet everyone~!
Until then, stay healthy!

by Nana

Date: 5th January 2012

Blog Title: This year, I ask for your continuous support.

PlayGirlz Japan!
I ask that you look upon us favorably for this year as well.

Now because extremely stylish AFTERSCHOOL is always in great demand for magazine
articles, we are extremely busy!
Thanks to everyone I am shrieking with happiness!!!
Thank you always.

At the filming set the members and I are rushing to perfect our cute figures.
On this day, I thought if I, who is always self conscious,
showed a more than usual excitement I would be satisfied with my image lol.

So, when I called out “Cute Nana?”,
They replied with that face! (* Note: like Nana’s in the photo)
It’s so cute!
By the way, this magazine is “B.L.T.” so please check it out.

From now on, I think I want to share the members various facial expressions with everyone!

Your favor always.

by Nana

Date : 26th January 2012

Blog Title: This is Nana~.

Hello to everyone In PlayGirlz Japan!
It’s Nana~!

How am I? Cute? ^^ teeheehee
I like rockish fashion, but this kind of spring like airy skirt is my favorite!
The hair matches it too, don’t you think?
I feel ↑↑↑↑↑ (GREAT!!!)

by Nana.

 (Translated from Japanese to English by daburu) – Credit: via fyafterschool