[Just4Fun] Uee Me2day (With ‘Baekho’ NU’EST)

Uee me2day :

오랜만에 연습실에서 백호랑함께찰칵ㅎㅎ 참참!!여러분!!백호이름어떠세요?!! 있짜나여!!!백호이름을 제가 만들었다는사실!! 모르셨죠??ㅎㅎ 늦은시간에도 항상 열심히 연습하는 우리 뉴이스트!!응원많이해주세요~!!저 유이두용~~^^

It’s been a while since i went to practice room, I took a photo with Baekho! well well! Everyone! What do you think about Baekho’s name? You know!! Actually i am the one who made Baekho’s name!! You didn’t know it right? Our NU’EST who always practicing hard even until late night. Please support them~ Support Uie too!

(trans: @thenuest)