[Just4Fun] JPlaygirlz Blog Update : UEE, Kahi, Jung Ah After School


JPlaygirlz : by Uee

Date: 5th February 2012
Blog Title: It’s U-ie. I’m so excited!!!*^^*

Hello everyone!
It’s U-ie~♪

These socks are a New Year’s present from a fan!!*^^*
They are Snoopy socks that I’ve never seen in Korea!
They’re so cute~*^^*

Lately it’s been too cold in Korea and at the time of filming my feet have become really cold but I guess if I wear these socks at shooting, it will be alright!!!*^^*

by U-ie.

(Translated from Japanese to English by daburu Via FYafterschool)

Jung Ah :

JPlaygirlz : By Jung ah

Date: 15th February 2012
Blog Title: It’s Jungah. My beloved babies~♪

It’s Jungah. How is Play Girlz Japan?
I want to see you all very soon^^

This picture is from when I did the Happy Pledis event.
Every day has been busy with things like appearing on music programs~~~^^
During those times I play around with U-ie and Nana and selca~hahaha~

Ta-dah! That’s the best shot I took of Kim U-ie and Park Lizzy lol. My beloved babies~♪

Everyone, lately it has been cold so be careful as to not catch a cold!
As always, thank you.

By Jungah.

Kahi :

Date: 16th February 2012
Blog Title: It’s Kahi. Right now I’m in the middle of shooting a Korean drama.
Hello everyone!
It’s Kahi.

Now I am in the middle of filming the Korean drama, Dream High 2.

Because it is cold even on set, I am wearing a coat while looking at my script and doing a final check on my lines!

When I get a break, I drink my favorite coffee and check my phone♪

Even when it is cold, I drink iced coffee!!!lol~
Until the day we can meet again, be careful so you don’t get a cold, okay!

by Kahi.