[Just4Fun] Hyomin Mengunjungi “T-ARA Cafe” di Shibuya

Hyomin Twitter :

어제 마지막에들렀던 이곳은 시부야에있는 티아라카페~ 사방 곳곳마다 대문짝만하게걸린 우리사진을감상하며 커피마시기는… 우리가원치않으므로^0^ 다같이 인증샷만찍구 후다다닥~ http://twitpic.com/8rbfj9 http://twitpic.com/8rbfkx

the last place we visited yesterday, the T-ara cafe in Shibuya~ Admiring our pictures that were hung up prominently all around while drinking coffee… well we didn’t want to do that ^0^ So we only took proof shots together and scattered away~ (T:@diademtweets)

Very cute 🙂