[Just4Fun] E-young, Nana, Raina, & Lizzy Blog Japan Update

JPLAYGIRLZ : Raina Blog Update

Date: 6th March 2012
Blog Title: My beloved Play Girlz Japan~! It’s Raina~^^

    My beloved Play Girlz Japan~! It’s Raina~^^

    It’s been a long time since I went to a recording studio~

    So that everyone can listen to a great song, I am doing my best while recording.
    During that time I took a “peace” photo for everyone haha V^_^V

    What kind of song could we have recorded?
    Please look forward to the always trendy After School’s new album~^^

    Well then!!!
    More than anything take care of your health! Everyone please stay well!
    Until next time we meet again!^^

    You will also come to our concert very soon, right?!!!!
    Okay! It’s a promise~~!!!

    by Raina.

(Translated from Japanese to English by daburu Via fyafterschool)


JPLAYGIRLZ : E-young Blog Update

Date: 7th March 2012
Blog Title: Everyone~! It’s E-young~!

Everyone~! It’s E-young~!

Alright, It has been decided that After School will open our first concert♪

Do your best to come, okay ~♪
I want to see you all very soon!!
Then, let’s meet at the show~^^

by E-young.


Date: 8th March 2012
Blog Title: E-young is in the middle of preparing for the country wide tour♪

Hello, I am After School’s maknae E-young!!

Everyone, what is everyone doing, are you doing too much?? I am very interested!!
I am preparing for the tour from now until April ♪
I want to see you all very soon!

And then, on March 14th the album will be released!!
Since this is an album that all of the members put all their power into, everyone, please look forward to it.

Since this album was made with lots of songs, I want you to listen to it when you get up and are getting ready.
Having done that, I think that you can start your day well!

I am anticipating the day I can meet everyone in Japan ♪

By E-young.


JPLAYGIRLZ : Lizzy Update

Date: 9th March 2012
Blog Title: Hello, this is Lizzy, the one in charge of comedy.

Hello, this is Lizzy, the one in charge of comedy.
How are you?? I’m doing great! What are you doing right now??
I’m thinking about the fans.

Do you know??
Our album “Playgirlz” is going to be released on 3/14.
This album is full of really appealing songs.

Do you want to listen to it?? Please please listen to it!
If you don’t like it, please bring it to Lizzy!
I will pay for it! Just kidding (lol)

Lizzy is going to space!
Bye bye♪

by Lizzy.


JPLAYGIRLZ : Nana Update

Date: 10th March 2012
Blog Title: Good morning, I’m Nana.

Good morning, I’m Nana.
Our album will be released soon.

This album is an album that’s packed full of After School’s appeal that’s different from the usual!

There are songs that we sang split into groups of 4.
You can easily hear each member’s voice♪

And there’s also Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” included!
It’s a different style from After School, and the unique look and performance is very fun.
The make up is also more cute, rather than cool!

I’m excited to meet everyone in Japan again!
Are you excited too??

by Nana