[Just4Fun] Uee BLog Japan Update

Date: 13th March 2012
Blog Title: It’s U-ie♪ Is everyone doing well?

Hello, it’s U-ie♪
Is everyone in Japan doing well?
I finished filming for a drama in Korea!
It was a little sad, but I got to experience a lot of things and it was fun.
And tomorrow, our album will finally be released.
My favorite song is「Just in time」.

It’s the CM song for Samantha Thavasa, and I think it’s a song that shows After School’s cute side that’s a little different from the usual image of After School.
Please have a listen♪

Also, the LIVE edition includes “Playcards”!
The members play with these playing cards that have our pictures on them.
Please play with them too.
And! Please come have fun at our concert too!
I love you~♪

by U-ie.

Credit: fyafterschool + Translated from Japanese to English by Kei + Afterschool (Japan Official)