[Japan Blog] AFTER SCHOOL For Playgirlz Japan~

Date: 30th March 2012

Hello to all the Play Girlz Japan!

The other day, it resulted to be a Glamorous Night.

On a fashionable stage that looks like a bar counter, we premiered 「Let’s Do It!」,「Rambling girls」and Samantha Thavasa’s CM song「Just in time」♪

The audience was located so close, it became one of the greatest venues on Earth.
We got the chance to meet a lot of models, it was a day with so much perfection.

Furthermore!! At the venue, we discovered people who were wearing a
cosplay of After School’s「Bang!」!!

It looked so alike♪

Dear fans, there’s only a month left for the Japanese tour!


(Translated from Japanese to English by okdr Via fyafterschool)