[Just4Fun] Eunjung Twitter Update ~

Eunjung Twitter :

큰일났었던 앞머리사진! 많이들 놀라셨죠? 히히.. 죄송해용..’-‘* 이제방영되는 대우증권TV광고 에피소드컷이었어요! http://yfrog.com/gzkyonqgj

The front bangs picture that caused a riot! A lot of you were scared right? Hehe.. I’m sorry..’-‘* It was an episode cut of the Daewoo Securities TV ad which is now being broadcasted!

Eunjung Twitter :

촬영끝나고찰칵 ㅇ ㅡ ㅇ http://yfrog.com/mg51923021j

Taken after filming was over ㅇ ㅡ ㅇ

Eunjung Twitter

여기요~저의머리… 그대롭니당!!ㅋㅋ 대우증권TV-CM 에피소드들이 재밌는게많아요*_*) 많이기대해주세요오…♥ http://yfrog.com/nwc81ibj

Here~my hair… is still the same!!ㅋㅋ Daewoo Securities TV-CM, there are a lot of fun episodes *_*) Look forward to it a lot…♥

(t : (@diademtweets))