[Video+Trans] 120401 Nana After School @ “Tokyo Brand New Girls” (Full Part a-d)

Trans Part a (Nana Part Only!)

Yasuda Misako (navy jacket): Nana-chan, you do a lot of modeling in Korea, right?
Nana: Yes. I did a lot of magazines and fashion events in Korea and Japan.
Misako: Amazing. 
Yuuki Maomi (pink shirt): You’re studying Japanese right now and your newly learned Japanese is cute.
Misako: Cute, very cute.
Nana: Today, the members aren’t here, so I’m really sad, but I love Japanese fashion, so it’s ok.
Misako. It’s ok. She got dressed up, so it’s ok.

Maomi: The information that we show you today can be found on the show’s website. 
Nana: The keyword is “TeleTo TBG” [TeleTo=Television Tokyo]
Everyone: Cute~

Maomi: Who wants to introduce the clip?
Nana: Me! I learned/memorized it.
Misako: Nana-chan has apparently practiced her lines for today for a whole week.
Maomi: I know that too. I was next to Nana-chan in the make up room. She was memorizing her lines beside me the whole time.
Misako: The we should definitely have her do it.
Maomi: Nana-chan, please do the honors.
Nana: Ah, I’m nervous. TBG’s recommended trend is this~

Nana: It looks good on you.
Misako: Thank you. That makes me happy.

Maomi: Nana-chan, you look cute in pink too. Who’s is this?
Nana: This is ROYAL PARTY’s tunic. The floral embroidery is cute. 
Everyone: Cute, indeed. Nana-chan’s cute too.
Misako: She’s wearing shorts underneath. It goes with short pants or long pants. It matches well with pretty much anything.
Kinoshita Coco (suspenders): Cutwork lace with the edges sticking out is popular too. I see it a lot, like the flowers around here.
Nana: The floral embroidery is the focal point.
Everyone: Cute~

Part a

Trans Part b!

Narr: After School’s Nana-chan wears TWNROOM’s sporty and super sexy fashion very well. How cool/stylish!

Part b

Trans Part c!

Nana: I want to do that too. [Talking about being a brand producer]
Misako: You do?
Coco: I want to do that too.
Maomi?: Coco-chan wants to do it too? Then you’ll have to go through the interview process and…
Coco: I’ll buy you guys lunch.
Maomi: That’s what you’re going to do? You want it that bad? I think we’ve all done a bit of producing here and there, but for this audition, you have to do the branding, and it looked pretty hard.
[They’re having an audition for girls who want to be brand producers. The clip they showed earlier was sort of “a day in the life of a brand producer” thing.]

Maomi: Nana-chan, what did you think? [She’s asking her opinion about the pilot episode]
Nana: I was really nervous, but I had fun. Onee-chan. [onee-chan=unnie]
Misako: Onee-chan? Well, age-wise, I am the onee-chan, but…
Maomi: Yes, yes, yes. With the onee-chans.

Part c

Trans Part d!

[The first part is saying that there’s a TBG page on fashionwalker.com and you can check out the stuff they talked about on the show. It’s also just an ad for fashionwalker.com, which is an online clothing store.]
Nana: Ethnic tunic clothes!
Everyone: That’s right!
[I’m thinking this is like a blooper of when she was talking about her tunic in part a, but I really have no idea.]

Part d

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