[Just4Fun] UEE Tersentuh Dengan Staf yg Menyiapkan Pesta Kejutan Untuknya

Date: 10th April 2012
Blog Title: This is U-ie. I’m impressed in tears… T_T

Play Girlz Japan, hello♪

I want to thank you all the fans who sent me birthday messages.
Thanks to that it became a great birthday!!!

We were in the middle of practicing for the tour but we got our spirits ups and it became an amusing practice~ ^^

After practice, I was touched with tears by the surprise party the staff prepared for me which I wasn’t expecting.

And I ate seaweed soup with the members and the staff!
That’s it! In Korea you must eat seaweed soup when it’s your birthday!

With a happy feeling I spent the day with joy.
Everybody, I really want to thank you all.
Also, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

by U-ie.

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