[Just4Fun] AFTER SCHOOL Japan Blog Update

Blog AFTER SCHOOL Japan Update (Source: fyafterschool)

Blog Title: AFTERSCHOOL’s tour!!! Good job everyone!
Date: 2nd May 2012

AFTERSCHOOL’s tour!!! Good job everyone!
『AFTER SCHOOL First Japan Tour 2012 -PLAYGIRLZ-』 All the performances have ended!

An applause for the tour’s staff too♪
Clap Clap♪

Everybody, with the constant lack of sleep, we were prized with your smiles.
Thanks to that we wrapped the tour safely, and we were able to get to this point.

Also! More importantly!
Because all the Play Girlz Japan were cheering for us, we, AFTERSCHOOL were able to make it!!!
Next, let’s meet at the additional performance!!

Thank you very much!!!!!(*^^*)


(Translated from Japanese to English by okdr)